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Asuka Hayazaki (Nintendo)

Asuka Ito (Nintendo / Freelancer)

Akihiro Honda

Akira Fujiwara (Nintendo)

Akito Nakatsuka (Nintendo)

Alistair Lindsay (Rare Ltd)

Arata Iiyoshi

Atsuko Asahi (Nintendo)

Atsushi Yoshida (Capcom / Intelligent Systems)

Aya Tanaka (Hudson Soft)

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Ben Cullum (Rare Ltd)

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Chad York (Next Level Games)

Chika Sekigawa (Intelligent Systems)

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Daisuke Matsuoka (Nintendo)

Daisuke Shiiba (Ascii / Nintendo / Freelancer)

Dan Miyakawa (HAL Laboratory)

Darren Radtke (Next Level Games)

David Clynick (Rare Ltd. / Freelancer)

David Wise (Rare Ltd. / Freelancer)

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Eveline Novakovic (Rare Ltd.)

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Grant Kirkhope (Rare Ltd. / Big Huge Games / Kirkcophony)

Graeme Norgate (Rare Ltd. / Free Radical / Deepsilver)

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Mahito Yokota (Koei / Nintendo)

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